What to do in Downtown Orlando

While Orlando is basically synonymous with family travel and all sorts of theme parks, a lot of people may not know this but there is also a vibrant busy downtown area in Orlando that has just as much to offer. Downtown Orlando may not sound like much of an adventure in the theme park capital of the world but the downtown area has bits and pieces to offer that can make a trip to Orlando a lot more pleasant than expected.

Case in point, Orlando’s best concert venues and museums are all situated downtown. Downtown is also where you will find most of the city’s sport’s teams such as Orlando Magic. Downtown Orlando also has a selection of fine resorts and hotels and best of all, it is only situated less than 20 miles away from attractions such as Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Walt Disney World Resort. If you ever find yourself in downtown Orlando, here is what to do to pass the time:

Eat out

Downtown Orlando is home to a range of high end as well as budget-friendly restaurants. Here, you will find anything from sushi and American classics such as Man ‘n Cheese to French bistros and Michelin star restaurants.

Hop on the Orlando Eye

The Orlando Eye is located a few miles from Downtown Orlando but it is worth the short ride just to get a glimpse of Orlando’s aerial landscape. Perfect for a night out in the town, the Orlando Eye can be experienced by groups or in private where you can have your own private capsule with a glass of champagne included to help you soak it all up.

Make a stop at the Amway Centre

The Amway Centre hosts Orlando’s 3 biggest and most popular teams namely the Orlando Solar Bears, Predators and Orlando Magic. Additionally, the centre is also frequently transformed in a live music hall that has seen acts such as Justin Bieber and Madonna walk through its doors.

Go Boating

Lake Eola Park is situated at the centre of Downtown Orlando and is one of the most frequently visited areas in the city. Aside from relaxing by the many benches located next to the water’s edge, you can also splurge and rent a swan-shaped boat that can take you on a guided cruise around the lake.

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