As we come up on our Fifth Anniversary, we wanted to take a look back at where it all started.

I mean it when I say we made one of the most incredible transformations of a space we’ve ever seen.

For all intents and purposes, we signed the lease on a less-than-desirable building.

Looking into the space from the garage door

Looking into the space from the back. Yeah, that’s where the bar is now.

The inside was a DISASTER, but this was right after we had torn out all of the rotted drywall.

We lived in these masks for a few months

We spent a few weeks scraping the old insulation off the ceiling

Calista cleaning the ceiling

We finally got all of the insulation installed (what a damn mess) and got the new drywall in there.

A fresh paint job, roof insulation, and some copper paint on the crossbeams and the brewery is starting to look a LOT better (that’s Callie, my youngest daughter).

Then, it was time to take one step back and tear up the 6-inch thick concrete floors for plumbing.

Then it got REALLY messy as we had to dig into the ground for the plumbing.

We also had to tear out the old parking lot.

So… much… dirt…

Meanwhile, we started making progress with the bar. If you ever wondered what was behind the wood panels on our bar, now you know it’s an ugly silver cool room.

The beginnings of the bar

After Sean came up with a pattern for the wood, we spent days cutting, planing, burning and staining every piece of wood that went onto our bar and cool room wraps.

My buddies Kevin and Brandon hung the majority of the pieces.

Goofballs Kevin and Brandon…

Here it is after we added all the wood and taps.

Now it’s covered with burnt wood!

But as you can see, there isn’t a bartop.

So, of course, we built one.

But not just any bartop… A hammered copper bar top.

Here’s Sean gluing down the copper you see today.

If you look closely, you can see the brewery and back cool room finished in the background, too.

Our bartop is 30 inches wide. The sheets of copper are 36 inches wide. Meaning we had to trim it.

With a router…

A piece of advice if you’re trimming copper with a router: DO NOT TRIM IT IN A SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRT. 😂

Ouch. Yes, that copper is embedded into my t-shirt.

Hot copper HURTS. Especially when it’s being shot into your arms at 6000 RPMs.

Anywho… After installing the border on the bar, it was time to do one of the riskiest jobs during the construction: epoxy the bar. If we screwed this up, it would cost us about 10k to fix it.

Sean pouring one of 15 gallons of epoxy on the bar

Luckily, we didn’t screw it up, and it’s lasted the last five years beautifully.

The outside needed a facelift, too.

We added the front facade after painting the building and adding the front porch concrete.

Yes, we burnt every piece of wood that went on it.

And my buddy Kevin (AH #3) LOVED nailing the roof on. 

And as you can see, it was all hands on deck.

Finally, we finished the facade, hung the sign, and the front of the building started to come together. Still, we had so…much…dirt!

Speaking of that sign, did you know we hand-made it?

Yep… I cut out every piece of it with a bandsaw and jigsaw.

Here’s the initial layout before we painted it and stained the wood.

Finished sign!

While we waited for our parking lot to be finished, we started building all the tables for the brewery. Yes. We built every table in the brewery.

Tammy using power tools. A dangerous game.

After the picnic-style tables were all built, we added the logos and names to them and gave them a couple of layers of polyurethane.

And those copper tables? Sean and I built those from scratch, too, using a fast aging technique Sean perfected.

Here, he is adding some epoxy to one of them.

Heck, we even had to put together all of our chairs and barstools too. Here’s my buddy Brandon helping out.

Which, to be honest, was probably the easiest thing he did for us. He got REAL dirty during construction.

We finally started adding the final touches to the taproom.

Trimming out the taproom

Bathroom finished

Hung the taproom lights

Sean hanging the mug club wall

A few days later, the transformation was complete…

Looking at the bar

Ready to open

Took this picture the night before we opened.

It took about 13 months, but we finally opened our doors.

Soft opening

And here we are five years later, about to celebrate our fifth anniversary.

We cannot wait to celebrate with you this Friday with The Lost Tropics and Saturday with all the beer and cocktail releases and Steven Cardwell & The Neon Drifters!