Rockpit Brewing Updates for week of 3-21-2019

Chris Rock here. We have lots going on this week at Rockpit, so let’s get started…

First, we’re having our first trivia night at Rockpit with Empire Trivia

For those who don’t know, trivia nights are really fun. I’ve attended several at other breweries and it’s always a blast. We decided to give it a shot here at the request of a few members.

We aren’t 100% sure if we’re going to do these going forward, but we’re going to give it a month or so and decide then based on response and your feedback.

Click the image below to be taken to the Facebook event. Hope to see you there!

Second, we have TWO releases coming at you this week. 

The first release is called “Black the RIIPA” – it’s an experimental double black rye IPA. Meaning it’s a double IPA with loads of hop character, a slight sweetness and decent amount of roastiness to bring it all together.

It’s a one barrel batch so we expect it to go pretty fast. Probably won’t survive the weekend.

The second is a grapefruit hard water. Our brand of hard water is called…

…. wait for it….

“Rock Hard Water”

So I suppose the name of this one is “Grapefruit Rock Hard Water” or “Rock Hard Grapefruit Water” or some other more risque innuendo…

Again, this is a total experiment but it’s tasting really good so far. We had to dump the last batch because it didn’t turn out right. We’re confident you’ll enjoy this one.

And if not… no worries… Remember we never make you pay for any beer you don’t like.

Both are available starting Saturday 3/23 @ Noon.

Third, we’ll have all the NCAA March Madness Games on the TV’s during regular hours.

It’s here. March madness… and we ballin’!

I’ll be posting events with each of the games we’ll be showing for the day so you’ll know if the game you want to watch will be on one of our TV’s. So be on the lookout for those in the next day or so. 

Oh and if you have a team and you wear your team colors we’ll give you $1 off your first beer when you come in. We want to see a sea of team colors in here. So make it happen!

Until next week, cheers and see you soon!

Chris Rock