Restoring his faith in the beer business

This week I got a cool story about how working with Rockpit has restored Justin’s faith in the beer business, a killer new beer release and details on our Cinco De Mayo celebration.

Let’s do this!

A little faith restoration

“I appreciate the way you handle it when customers talk about other breweries” Justin told me.

“What do you mean?”

“You always say something good about other breweries. A couple of places I worked at the people would join in on the bashing and I hated it. All the negativity made me hate this industry.”

“How else would I respond? I’m not going to say anything bad about another brewery.”

“That’s why I love this place…”

You see… Justin wanted to leave the beer industry 18 month ago. All the negativity was eating at him. Which would have been a big loss to the Orlando beer industry in my opinion.

For those who have been to Rockpit, you know Justin. Anyone that doesn’t know his name refers to him as the tall dude with the mustache and tattoos.

I suppose that’s an accurate physical description of him.

That’s Justin on the left. Ignore my failed attempt at a modeling pose.

Those who get a chance to interact with him are usually blown away. Not only is he super attentive, but his knowledge of beer is incredible, and his personality leaves an impact on you.

It’s evident by the feedback we get both in person and online that he’s a huge asset to RockPit. But we don’t need outside feedback to see how good Justin is. We see it every day in person.

So cheers to Justin. We’re stoked we’re restoring his faith in the beer business. More so, we’re grateful our paths crossed, and he decided to come work with us.

He’s been a big part of our success so far.

Next time you’re in, give Justin a high five and let him pour you a few. You’ll see what we, and everyone else, sees.

A killer new beer release

Only one beer has passed the “It ain’t ready ’til Jeremy says it’s ready” test this week. And oh man, it’s a good one.

I think y’all know that I absolutely love Belgian and German beers. Illiana, Ol’ Porph, Detonator, etc.

What Jeremy and Danny have for you this week is one of the most unique beers I’ve ever had.

It’s a Belgian Double IPA called As Above, So Below. I don’t know how to explain it other than say it’s a beautiful balance between a sweeter Belgian beer and perfectly matched hops.

Coming in at 8.4% ABV and 84 IBU’s it’s definitely a sipper. And rightfully so. You’ll enjoy this one.

On Tap this Saturday…

They want to take what home?

The other day we had a few brewers from a couple other breweries stopped by. No surprise they knew Justin. 🙂

They spent a good few hours eating some BBQ and going through our beer list.

When it finally time to settle up, they asked to take a few crowlers home. In my head I was thinking they were going to take home Yankee Savage or Doppelbock.

But when they said “Miner’s Light” I was like

Here I am thinking these industry dudes were going to take the crazy stuff home with them. Nope. They enjoyed Miner’s Light so much that they took it home with them.

I think it’s a testament to how good of a beer Miner’s Light is. If you haven’t tried it yet, get at it. Light, crisp and super enjoyable.

Beer we’ve brewed and are waiting to release

We have three beers that we recently brewed that we’ll be releasing soon. They all need to pass the “It ain’t ready ’til Jeremy say’s it’s ready” test but we’re happy with how these are coming along.

Sour IPA – One of the most unique styles out there. You get a combination of hoppiness paired with tartness. Being a big fan of sours, this is one that I’m most excited about coming up.

Jasmine Wit – We took some tea from RoyalTea here in Orlando and treated a wit beer with it. This is a small batch beer that we think is going to go very quick. Should be released in the next few weeks.

“More Tingly Than Hot” (Jalapeno Lime Cream Ale) – The official release for Cinco De Mayo (See below)

Upcoming Events

I know… I changed up the events format. I went all fancy on you. This just makes it easier to scroll through and see everything quickly.

Tasty Trivia (May 2nd)

Got something special on the 2nd for Tasty Trivia. Not only are we giving away our usual prizes ($40 beer tab for first place, $25 for second place and $15 for third place + Rockpit glasses for each round of Cards Against Humanity, but we’re giving away Orlando Predators tickets. We have a stack of them we’re giving away.

Prizes. Beer. Food. Friends. Craziness. Tons of fun.


Big Brew Day For National Homebrewers Day (May 4th)

Bring your portable setup and come brew with us outside! We will also be brewing a batch of beer inside on the 1BBL Colorado Brewing System which RockPit uses as a Pilot System. It’s a great chance to come and see how others brew, and to check out some tools of the pros!

We will have brewers of all experience levels on hand ranging from new folks, all the way up to seasoned professionals.


Cinco De Mayo Celebration (May 5th)

Finally! We’re releasing our famous Jalapeno Lime Cream Ale. For those that don’t know, this beer won third overall (out of 355 beers) and 1st place in it’s category at a homebrew contest before we started the brewery.

It’s not at all what you think. Definitely not hot (hence the name) and more like a Jalapeno Popper in a glass.

For Cinco De Mayo we’ll have a festive environment, good food available from Cecil’s (did you know that brisket tacos is a Cinco De Mayo thing?) and a one day treat called Margarita Balls (cake balls made with Tequila!).

Going to be a really fun day.


Rockpit Taste and Trivia with David SoDo BOD Member (May 9th)

Happy National Small Business Week AND National Main Street Week Sunday, May 5th – Saturday, May 11th!

Thursday May 9th from 6:30-9:30pm SoDo District Board Vice Chair David Buckalew will be at RockPit Brewing for a Taste and Trivia!

At this event you will have the opportunity to Taste and Learn about ALL of RockPit Brewing‘s beers between 6:30-7:15 and trivia begins at 7:30! $1.00 OFF Beers starting at 6:30pm!

The SoDo District is showing their support to our local small businesses, by hosting multiple events throughout the week of Sunday, May 5th – Saturday, May 11th at local SoDo businesses.


Texas Holdem Poker Tournament & Casino Night (May 10th)

This event is crazy cool. The Rotary Club of Orlando is hosting a poker night and we’ll be pouring beer all night for you.

Keep in mind this is not at Rockpit Brewing (See below)

Come and join us for a night of fun and entertainment with a chance of wining the top prize of $1,000 VISA Gift Card!

RockPit Brewing Poker Team Challenge!!

RockPit Brewing, Orlando newest brewery, will be providing 3-4 different craft beers……Corona Cigars for all attendees….

The prizes to be awarded to the top team tentatively include:

1. golf foursomes at Mission Inn

2. (2) bass fishing for three on Lake Toho

3. spa days

4. hair salon

5. box of Corona FSG Cigars

6. Case of Belizean aged rum

7. Limo craft beer crawl for 10, ending at RockPit Brewing

Hosted at the Rotary Club of Orlando at 501 E Livingston St


That’s it for this week folks! Until next time, see y’all at Rockpit!