Here’s how to get your hands on official Rockpit Brewing swag AND get your name on the walls of our brewery

Imagine walking into Rockpit Brewing with a few friends and telling them “Come here, I want to show you something”.

You walk over to the wall, point up and show them your name.

Your friends ask “Why is your name there?”

You smile and reply “I helped this finish this taproom”

You see… We’re self funded which means we used our own savings and loans to fund this thing. We never went to outside investors. We came up a bit short on funds to finish the taproom and instead of going back to bank (UUUGGGHH!), we’re asking for your help.

So before we open our doors, we’re offering you the opportunity to buy limited edition goods to help us finish our taproom. Not only will you get those limited edition goods, you’ll be added to our “Wall of fame” in our brewery.

Which means you’ll be immortalized on the walls of Rockpit Brewing to show off to friends and family.

Not only that, but you’ll get the following exclusive perks reserved for you:

Early access to beer releases – Yep, you’ll be on the part of an exclusive list that only you and other contributors have access to that gets you early access to beer releases. The ONLY way to do this in the future is becoming a member of our mug club.

Special, invite only events just for our early contributors and mug club members.

Random acts of kindness from the owners – You’re going to get to know the owners of Rockpit Brewing. When we get to know each other, you’ll receive random acts of kindness from us like discounted bills, free beers, personal tours and much, much more.

Unless you want to be on the outside looking in, make your contribution today. Because when we shut this down, that’s it, you’ll never be able to get these limited edition goods again. And you won’t have your name on our walls

So choose a perk (or a few) below before we end this campaign June 1st. After that, you’ll never be able to get these limited edition perks again and you’ll miss out on everything contributing now will bring.