Orlando City / Orlando Pride Soccer Teams

Orlando may have consolidated a reputation for itself for having the world’s best and biggest theme parks, but it is also home to a number of highly successful professional sports teams. Some of the professional teams are more popular than others such as the Orlando Magic which is the city’s most popular professional sports team.

However, Orlando’s two largest soccer teams Orlando Pride (NWSL), as well as Orlando City Soccer Club (MLS) are also helping to place Orlando on the world map as a big soccer contender. For those lovers of football, here is everything you need to know about Orlando’s most successful soccer teams:

Orlando City Soccer Club (MLS)

Orlando City Soccer Club was once just a vision. Established in 2015, Orlando City was founded after years of struggle trying to locate investors that can fund the project. The team became the 10th franchise to be incorporated to the National Women’s Soccer League. Today, Orlando City is one of the fastest growing soccer teams in America and in MLS (Major league Soccer) with its veritable selection of world-class players such as Ricardo Kaka, a World Cup player from Brazil.

Since its inception, Orlando City has found great support from the locals and with the establishment of the team’s own soccer stadium in 2017, the soccer experience in Orlando was heightened and improved significantly as a result. MLS is currently in its 4th season and has been sponsored by Orlando Health since the team’s inauguration.

Orlando Pride

Orlando Pride is Orlando’s premier all women’s soccer group. In the club’s short history, Orlando Pride has managed to attain impressive achievements such as making it to the playoffs for the first time and finishing 3rd in the standings. Some of the players in Orlando’s Pride team that have helped the team realize success so quickly includes Marta, the Brazilian international superstar that has made women’s soccer in Orlando all the more popular.

Other players to look out for are Alex Morgan who is also part of the United States soccer, Sydney Leroux, defenders Carson Picket, Zadorsky, Poliana, and other team members that are equally as impressive with their skills and commitment to the game. Overall, Orlando pride is a great team as they are predicted to be the next NWSL champions.

Orlando Pride shares a stadium with the city’s men’s professional side Orlando City as well as the royal purple color that is used on both the team uniforms. Orlando Pride’s logo based on the famous Lake Eola fountain, on the other hand, is synonymous with the female team.

Both the Orlando City and Orlando Pride teams play at the Orlando City stadium which is located at 655 W Church St. Be sure to catch a game soon!