Rockpit Brewing is a coal-country inspired brewery that’s quickly turned into the gathering place for locals who love to enjoy a good local craft beer with friends and family.

Let us show you why you should join them…

You’ll enjoy uniquely hand-crafted beer

The beer you’ll enjoy at Rockpit Brewing is made from scratch using our unique recipes created right here in our brewery. 

This beer is waiting for you…

Every beer is hand-crafted by our master brewers, Danny and Jeremy. They spend hours brewing every beer and then spend weeks tediously ensuring the beer is absolutely perfect and ready for you to enjoy.

Our current tap list is below. We currently have over a dozen of our hand-crafted beers to choose from and that list will continue to grow weekly until we fill our 20 available taps with our own beer.

So you’ll often be able to come in several times a month and never drink the same beer twice

Unless you turn into one of our regulars and keep returning for your favorite beer.

“If you like great beer you have to check this place out. Everything they have is nothing short of exceptional and the variety is fantastic because even the pickiest will find something they like.”

Joe Snow, Orlando, FL

Click To See Our Current Taplist

You’ll easily find the perfect beer for you

Let us find the perfect beer for you

We make a lot of beer with a ton of variety. Everything from lagers to IPA’s, blondes to sours and porters to stouts.

With the huge variety of beer we create, we know we have something on tap that you’ll absolutely enjoy.

But sometimes the hardest part is finding that perfect beer.

So we make it easy for you by giving you unlimited samples to “try before you buy”

Just ask for a sample of any beer you want to try and we’ll gladly give you a sample (or 4). 

To make your experience even better, we never force you to buy more beer than you want. That’s why we give you the choice to enjoy your beer in 9, 12 or 16 ounce pours. High ABV beers only come in 9 or 12 ounce pours.

“Great new brewery with a good sized selection of beers. We tried four different beers between us and they were all excellent. Friendly staff, quick service, and a great atmosphere. We’ll definitely be visiting again.”

Bobby Harmon, Orlando, FL

You’ll Never Go Hungry With Texas-Style BBQ and Delectable Bites Provided By Cecil’s BBQ

Ugh… Doesn’t it suck to go to a brewery and have nothing to eat?

The perfect pairing… Cecil’s BBQ wings with Blackstrap Con Leche

We thought so too. 

That’s why we worked with our neighbors, Cecil’s BBQ to create an in-taproom menu for you.

This means you order your food here in our taproom, it’s made next door at Cecil’s and it’s delivered right to your table by us. No waiting on Uber eats (although you can certainly order from them as well).

With items like Smoked Wings, BBQ Sliders, Fried Pickles and even Grilled Cheese, there is surely something you can find to satisfy your hunger while enjoying your Rockpit Brewing beer.

And if you don’t find something… you can bring your own food in.

Yep, seriously. Bring a publix sub, McDonalds Big Mac or some chik-fil-a nuggets… we don’t care. 

As long as you’re enjoying yourself at Rockpit, we’re happy.

“Their (Cecil’s) BBQ is the most delicious in town.”

Delia Rodriquez, Orlando, FL

See Our Food Menu From Cecil’s


    “Oh…my…god…” we’re the first words uttered out of our mouths when we tasted these for the first time. Smoked perfectly and then lightly fried to give them just the right amount of crispiness, these delectable wings come in three flavors: Smoked butter (yes, seriously), BBQ and Buffalo Style.You’ll absolutely need extra napkins for these.

    8 for $10.95


    These tacos are a bit different than you’re used to. Instead of the usual mexican style chicken or beef, we’ve substituted that with either smoked chicken, pulled pork or brisket topped with freshly shredded cheese, lettuce and cilantro.Served with a side of chips and salsa.

    Add in one Cecil’s BBQ sauces for a piece of BBQ heaven.

    2 for $7.95 or 4 for $11.95


    Three sliders with your choice of smoked chicken, pulled pork, texas-style brisket or smoked sausage served with a single side (see sides below)3 for $12.95


    Slow smoked to perfection, these bacon wrapped jalapenos are stuff with cream cheese to bring you just the right amount of heat 5 for $6.00


    Breaded and lightly fried to perfection these pencil style pickles are perfect for snacking. Served with a slightly spicy ranch dressing.$7.95


    Freshly cut and fried corn nachos chips served with a chunky style salsa.$4.95

    Add queso for just $3.


    For the non-meat lover, we bring you a grilled cheese with a copious amount of cheese (choose between Cheddar, Provolone or Jalapeno Jack) pressed between two large pieces of texas toast. Served with a side of fries.$6.95


    Freshly cut and frieds corn tortilla chips served with a creamy cheese sauce.$10.95

    Add pulled pork, chicken or brisket for just $1.30 more


    Crispy tater tots smothered in queso, bacon and chives.$7.95


Those friends who don’t drink beer? Yeah, what go them covered

This hurts to admit, but not everyone likes beer. If you’re a craft beer lover and have friends who aren’t, you know this all too well. 

We have plenty of wine choices available for your “non-beer” friends

We’re doing everything we can to ensure that those who don’t like beer but enjoy a good wine or cider are well taken care of at Rockpit.

We’re want to help you with those friends who complain “Oh, but I won’t have anything to drink” complaint.  

To help you overcome the “nothing to drink” excuse your friends have, we work with a small-batch wine distributor here in the SoDo district to bring you a select wine list that should be satisfying for the wine drinkers in your life. 

Current Wine List

Red Wine

  • Quantum Leap Cabernet Sauvignon (local)
  • Now Presenting Red Blend
  • Omen Pinot Noir

White Wine

  • La Gioiosa Prosecco
  • Fenwick Springs Chardonnay
  • Bel Vento Pinot Grigio

We spent a year creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy yourself in

“You can feel the love in this place”

A businessman who’s about to open a few restaurants in the SoDo area (you’ll know the place soon) told us that recently.

We the owners and dozens of our friends and family members worked for a year to build our taproom and brewery.

Yes, a year. 

We built everything by hand so you’d never be able to find anything like our brewery anywhere in Orlando. Heck, in Florida…

The tables, the bar, the decor, the sign hanging outside… everything was hand-crafted by us to give you a totally unique, inviting and warm atmosphere to serve as a local gathering place for you, your friends and your family for many years to come.

You may have noticed a few “coal-mining” themed elements in those pictures. 

Why were those added? 

Jeremy’s (co-founder of Rockpit) grandfather (Homer Little) was a coal miner in the 1940’s and 1950’s for the Red Jacket and Island Creek Coal companies. Jeremy’s mom tells him story after story of the long hours Homer put in, just so they could put food in their stomachs and clothes on their backs. He was simply the hardest working man anyone in the family ever knew.

To pay homage to that the blue collar work ethic of Homer, we create a coal-country inspired brewery in his honor.

So when you walk into Rockpit, you’ll be reminded that this is a place for hard-working people, just like you. 

“Rockpit is our new hangout. Amazing beer and staff. The atmosphere is welcoming, spacious, and great for private parties. Cecil’s bbq is right next door, and there is a menu at Rockpit that you can order from, which Cecil’s will deliver. Go there hungry and thirsty! We absolutely love this place!”

– Scott Thompson, Orlando, FL

You can bring the kiddos and the pups along with you

Want to know the two most asked questions we’re asked here at Rockpit?

  1. Are you dog friendly?
  2. Are you kid friendly?

And the answer to both of those questions is…

YES! 1000%!

Every one of us owners and our head brewer, Danny, have kids ranging from the ages of 1 to 25 (guess that dates a few of us). So it’s only natural that we are kid friendly. In fact, you’ll probably see our kids in the brewery every once in a while. 

And being dog parents and dog lovers we absolutely welcome our canine friends at Rockpit.  

We even have water bowls readily available for them so you don’t have to worry about them going thirsty. 

So bring the kids and canines and enjoy a few beers with them at Rockpit.

“Loved the laidback atmosphere and the staff was super friendly. They’re dog friendly too, so that scored major bonus points with me.”

– Jennifer Hershey

We’re easy to get to and have plenty of parking available (but have limited hours at the moment)

Our location is behind Cecil’s BBQ on Orange Ave near the intersection of Michigan and Orange at 10 W Illiana St, Orlando, FL 32806

Click the map below to get directions from Google Maps

Although our parking lot in front of the brewery only has around 20 spaces, we have another 30+ spots across the street at the DoSo office suites.

Please don’t park at ABC liquor. You can also park at Cecil’s BBQ after they close for the night. Which is normally 9 PM every night.

Current Rockpit Brewing Hours

Wednesday – Thursday 12 PM – 10 PM
Friday 12 PM – 12 PM
Saturday 12 PM – 12 PM
Sunday 12 PM – 8 PM

Let us buy you a beer


We’ll cover your second beer if you buy the first one. Easy as that.

Simply fill out the “Get Your Second Beer Free” form on this page and we’ll send you a coupon right now that you can use when you come in. 

Be quick though… The offer expires in two weeks from the day you request it. 

After requesting your offer, if you don’t receive your coupon within an hour, please email and we’ll get it sorted out for you.

Also… Yes, after you request your offer, we’ll add you to our “Rockpit Insiders” list where we’ll send you updates once in a while about upcoming Rockpit events and new beer releases.

But here’s the thing… It’s super easy to tell us to go away by clicking a simple link in any of the emails we send to you. 

So go for it! Enter your info and let us buy you that beer (or wine)!

Get Your Second Beer (or Wine) Free!

This is the best brewery in town. The beer is great (have not had a bad one yet). The staff is very friendly and the service is great. Place looks awesome and the food is great. It’s also family and pet friendly. Look forward to going here every chance I get.

Tim Schwartz, Orlando, FL