Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Every artist was first an amateur.”

I think after seeing our artwork, he might have followed that up with, “But some people should never be artists because they’d give us a bad name.”

You see… During our Sunday staff meeting, Calista and Tammy thought it would be funny to paint each other’s portraits.

So we all chose names, sat down, and painted the person we chose to the best of our abilities.

After seeing the paintings, I realized this is a pre-school-level ability.

Here’s the hilarious video of the reveal of each painting.

And if you didn’t see the paintings in the video well enough, here are each of them with their subjects.

Calista (painted by Tammy and Callie)

Tammy (painted by Dan)

Scott (painted by Anfernee)

Brittany (painted by Joey)

Anfernee (painted by Sean)

Dan / Vincent Van Gogh (painted by Scott)

Sean (painted by Chris)

Joey (painted by Calista)

Billy (painted by Brittany)

Chris (painted by Billy)

To be clear, that is NOT how I wear my shirts. I mean, unless it’s super hot out. Then, I show a small amount of midriff.

I’m glad we’re good at beer and spirits because none of us has a future in portrait painting.

If you want to see these up close and personal, they’re in the lounge area above the fireplace. 

See them for yourselves the next time you swing by. 

Cheers, and see you at Rockpit!

Chris Rock
Co-founder, Rockpit Brewing