Side Pulls & Mechanical Bulls – An 1880s Saloon Party

To celebrate the release of our new “1880s” Bad Glamour shots, we’re taking RockPit back to the 1880s, old west saloon style.

First, we’re releasing our new Czech Pilsner called “Pils Are Good”, served on our shiny new side pull tap and served in our new tankard mugs.

Side pull taps are the best way to get a full-flavored pour from a pilsner. And they just look cool, too.

Pils are Good is a beer that was similar to those found in saloons in the 1880s. Most cowboys enjoyed “Pale Lagers” in their local 1880s saloon which is any lager, pilsner, etc found in 188os saloons.

Starting at 1 PM, you can ride the mechanical bull.

For maximum performance and fun, we suggest enjoying a mug of Pils are Good beforehand. The rodeo starts at 3 PM. You must have ridden the bull at least once to participate in the rodeo.

The top 3 riders win medals for their bull-ridin’ performance.

Starting at 1 PM, the laser tag duel tournament starts.

A laser tag duel is exactly what it sounds like. Here’s a bad photoshop for illustration.

Two opponents line up back to back. They take 10 paces, turn and shoot at their opponent. A winner is crowned when only one person hits their opponent’s laser tag vest. 

If both opponents are “shot” or both miss, they go again until someone wins.

This is a bracket-style tournament with single elimination rounds. 

Top 3 duelers win medals for their shootin’ abilities.

Starting at 2 PM, the hobby horse racing starts.

What’s hobby horse racing?

It’s like horse racing, but with hobby horses. See more here:

We WILL NOT have the same kind of obstacles. Our obstacles will be geared towards what “beer athletes” can complete without injuries. 

Finally, we’re turning our brewery into a “saloon” for the day. It’s pretty much the same thing we have now, with a few 1880s touches added.

Western attire encouraged, supported and appreciated.

Want To Participate In Any Of The Games?

Pre-Register below to save your spot. We will have limited spaces available for each game due to time constraints.

Games You Want To Participate In(Required)

See you there. 

The event is finished.


Apr 02 2022


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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