RockPit Beerlympics

If you love beer and love “sports” that don’t require years of dedicated practice to be one of the best in the world at your sport, have we got an event you’ll absolutely love.

Introducing the RockPit Beerlympics.

Five events meant to challenge your unusual sports skills, mental toughness, and elasticity of your stomach.

You DO NOT have to participate in each event. You can pick and choose OR do all five.

We’ll be handing out prizes for the top 3 scores in each event. If there is a tie, we’ll have another round of the event to get a winner.

Also, if you participate in all five events, you qualify for extra prizes as well.

We’ll choose the top three overall scores from all of the events for the top prizes from local businesses and prize packages from RockPit Brewing.

But let’s be real… The real prize is saying you participated in the first-ever RockPit Beerlympics.

Here are the events…


Beer-in-hand Mini Golf: For this event, you’ll be required to have a beer in one hand and use the other to putt the golf ball.

There are three holes filled with obstacles meant to challenge your one-handed golf skills.

But don’t worry, you have the beer in your hand to help with any frustration that might arise.


🕳️ Hop Hole: Just like cornhole, but you’re throwing a bag of hops. This makes it much more challenging as the weight is entirely different than a regular corn hole bag.

So if you’re good at corn hole, expect this to be a bit more challenging.


🗑️ Giant Beer Pong: We couldn’t figure out how to do regular beer pong at this time, so we decided instead to do a giant pong.

There will be six 55 gallon trash cans, and you’ll be given six tries to get the ball in them.

Oh, the ball is a beach ball.

Good luck.


🥤Crazy Straw Chug Challenge: This event is as crazy as it sounds.

The goal? Chug three, five-ounce pours of a beer through a crazy straw while power-walking between two tables spaced 10 yards apart.

Here’s how it goes: When we say “Go” the timer starts, and you chug your first five-ounce beer through the crazy straw until it’s done.

Once done, you’ll put the cup down, grab your straw, and powerwalk to the other side. You’ll pick up your next five-ounce pour and drink it through the crazy straw.

Again, once you’re done, you’ll grab your crazy straw and head back to the starting line and chug your last five-ounce pour through your crazy straw.

Once you finish that last chug, the timer stops.

So to recap, the challenge is to drink 15 ounces of beer through a crazy straw while taking a short walk break between all three five-ounce pours.

Just so you know, it’s EXTREMELY hard to chug a beer through a crazy straw. But damn, it’s a lot of fun too.

🍗 Wing Eating Contest: We figured by the end of those events, you might be hungry.

So we threw in a way to grab some grub, eating it as quick as possible.

The challenge? Eat as many wings as you can in 69 seconds.

You’ll be given some beer to wash down the wings, of course.

Wanna join in? Head to to register now.

The event is finished.


Feb 06 2021


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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