Boozy Bingo with Bar Games & Pick The Joker

If we said you could win free RockPit beer 🍻, RockPit merchandise 🧢, or cold hard cash ($3200 this week) 💵 just by playing bar games, would you be intrigued?

Starting at 7:30, you’ll play rounds of Bar Bingo (music bingo, movie bingo, bad dad joke bingo, etc),  cards against humanity, and other unique games Jonathan (the host) brings to the table.

If you win any of these rounds, you win some free beer.

Every 15 minutes or so, we pick four people (we give you tickets) to compete in “mini” bar games like beer pong, flip cup, mini corn hole, or even bare-knuckle boxing against the other contestants.
***Update: We’re no longer allowed to play bare-knuckle boxing for insurance reasons.***

If you win any of these games, you get to choose from the prizes we have available that week. 

Prizes include free four-packs of bee3, t-shirts, hats, growlers with growler fill, gift cards, glasses, etc. The prizes will change week to week, but we’ll always have LOTS of fun prizes.

The FINAL game of the night is Pick The Joker.

We choose one final person to pick a card from a deck of cards that started with 52 cards and one joker. If you pick the joker, you win the cash pot.

If you don’t pick the joker, we tear up the card, throw it away and add $100 to the pot for the next week.

October 20th jackpot is $3200.


Each week you have a better chance to win the ever-growing cash pot because there are fewer cards to choose from.

So come out and hang with us on Wednesday for hand-crafted RockPit beer, delicious food from Cecil’s BBQ, and the most fun you’ll have on Wednesday night playing bar games. 

You in?

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Oct 27 2021


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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