2024 Beerlympics by RockPit Brewing and South Orlando Crossfit

Think you’re the best beerlete in Orlando? Wanna prove it?

Then come compete in the fourth annual beerlympics here at RockPit Brewing and South Orlando Crossfit.

An incredibly fun team event featuring beer-related games that will test your hand-eye coordination, strength, and, of course, beer consumption skills.

This is a team event featuring beer-related games that will test your hand-eye coordination, strength, and, of course, beer consumption skills.

You can sign up as a single participant but will be assigned a team on the day of the event. We encourage you to get friends to participate with you.

Your team of four will compete in various games, including…

26.2 Meter Obstacle Relay

In this game, each team member will run through an obstacle course set up by the CrossFit gym.

The team score is based on how long each player takes to navigate the obstacle course successfully.

Crazy Straw Chug Relay

In this competition, we will fill a cup with your choice of a shot of moonshine or beer for all four team members. One by one, each team member will chug the drink through a crazy straw, run to the next person, and tag them, which will start that team member’s chug. 

The game is finished when all four team members have completed the chug and will be scored for total time.

Keg Toss

In this game, a partially filled mini keg will be tossed over an obstacle, and the score is based on the number of inches the keg lands away from the obstacle. 

Scoring is based on the total distance for all members.


Team Hammerschlagen

Each team member will play Hammerschlagen on a single stump for time in this event. Once the timer starts, each team member must hammer their nail into the wood until it’s flat with the surface. Your time will stop when the last person has finished hammering their nail.

Grain Bag Toss Relay

For this game, five trash cans will be lined up about 15 feet apart. A player is lined up to four of the trash cans.

The first player drinks a beer at the start and then attempts to toss the grain bag into the second can. If they miss, the player at that can throw it back, and they keep trying.

Once the grain bag successfully lands in a can, the player at that can drinks a beer and then tosses the grain bag into the next can.

This leapfrogs to the fifth can. Once the first player makes the grain bag into the second can, they run up to the last/fifth can. So, the fourth player would drink a beer and throw the grain bag to the fifth can with the first player standing by it. The first player will throw it back into the fourth can and work the grain bag down the line.

Players only drink beer the first time down, not on the way back. The game is over when one team successfully makes the grain back down and back to the first can.

Grain Beer Pong

For this game, six garbage cans are arranged in a pyramid, and six beers are placed on a table next to the players.

There is one volleyball that will be used for the game.

Each player takes a shot at throwing a ball in the cans. If they make it, they must chug a beer, THEN retrieve their ball and move the trash can out of the way before the next player goes.

They must retrieve the ball and toss it to the next player if they miss.

The game ends when a ball enters the last trash can, and the contestant chugs their last beer.

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Feb 03 2024


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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RockPit Brewing
10 W Illiana St, Orlando, FL 32806
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