Did you know you’re an a-hole?

Chris here with a fun story about how you, yes you, became an a-hole without lifting a finger.

Let me explain…

The other day, my daughter Calista (you’ve seen her behind the bar or serving you at your table) let me know that there was a review on Yelp that was bad. I kind of laughed and said, “What did it say?”.

She replied, “It’s just bad”.

In my typical nonchalant fashion, I simply replied “Hmm. Ok” and grabbed my phone to see it for myself.

After hitting our Yelp page and scrolling down a bit, I found the review.

I had to read it a few times to see if I read it correctly because it was just short of a literary masterpiece.

Short. Succinct. To the point.

After reading it for the 3rd time, the only reaction I could muster up:

(Not an actual picture of me)

Like I was legit stunned. I couldn’t believe someone actually took the time (all 22 seconds) to write this review.

Not only did she disparage Rockpit (to which, I don’t care), but she managed to disparage you as well.

Here, see for yourself.

So, there you go… According to Angela, you’re an a-hole if you come to Rockpit.

I know… Don’t be shocked. If you never knew this about yourself, now you do. And knowing is half the battle.

Of course, I’m only kidding. I obviously love everyone that walks through the door.

I think what she REALLY meant to say that the owner, Chris, is an a-hole (even though we didn’t meet)


Also, is it wrong that I read the first line of her review and thought of the “You eat pieces of sh** for breakfast?” line from Happy Gilmore? (Here’s the video for those who haven’t see it)

I was tempted to reply “What other pieces of garbage have you been hanging with?” but I chose to leave it alone. 

With that said, it’s time for this week’s updates!

Beer we’ll be pouring in your glasses this weekend

Yes, finally, the Yankee Savage will be released. Cool thing about this is we’re going to keg up 5 barrels of it for you and leave 5 barrels in the fermenter. We’re going to play around with it for a new beer release later this month.

Keep an eye out for it.

Yankee Savage is a New England IPA that features soft bitterness and a light hop character with flavors of citrus and tropical fruit. It’s not your typical IPA. My wife, who doesn’t like IPA’s likes NEIPA’s.

Miner’ Light – This is our new go-to beer if someone asks “Y’all have Bud Light?” To which we’ll respond, “We have something way better” and hand them some of this.

Miner’s Light is a crisp lager that goes down smoothly any time of the year. No rice. No corn sugar.

Then again, we don’t have billboards on I-4, so I guess it’s a wash.

Finally, we have our Hefeweizen. We love German and Belgian beers. Some of the best beers we’ve ever made as homebrewers were German and Belgian beers that we brewed for ourselves and shared with others if we had any left over.

Now we’re brewing those beers for you. And guess what? We have plenty to share with you!

We’re calling this beer Wittelsbach Weizen. Why?

Back in 1520, the Dukes of Wittelsbach loved Weizenbier so much they wrote a loophole in the Reinheitsgebot law (German Purity Law) of Bavaria so they could brew the beer using malted wheat. Eventually the wheat beers became so popular that sales provided almost one-third of the revenues of the State of Bavaria.

Which means they sold a LOT of beer. This is a throwback to the origins of the Hefeweizen because this is a true to style Hefeweizen. What that means is you’re going to a smooth, yet spicy wheat beer with subtle hints of clove and banana. It all depends on your palate.

Beer we’ve brewed and are waiting to release

We have three beers that we recently brewed that we’ll be releasing soon. They all need to pass the “It ain’t ready until Jeremy say’s it’s ready test” but we’re happy with how these are coming along. 

Sour IPA – One of the most unique styles out there. You get a combination of hoppiness paired with tartness. Being a big fan of sours, this is one that I’m most excited about coming up.

Citrus NEIPA – Remember how I mentioned early that we’re only kegging 5 barrels of the Yankee Savage? This is what we’re doing with the other half. We’re going to treat 5 barrels with citrus like tangerine for the ultimate spring NEIPA.

Jalapeno Cream Ale – What?? Jalapeno in beer? Hear me out…

This was the first “all-grain” beer I brewed back in 2016. At the encouragement of Jeremy, he had me submit it to a homebrew contest. It won 3rd place out of 355 beers and 1st place in it’s category (Spiced beer).

So yeah, it’s a good beer that is going to shock people who don’t think they’ll like it. 

Upcoming events


Tasty Trivia – April 18th 

Yep, it’s not going anywhere. Prizes. Beer. Food. Friends. Craziness. Tons of fun.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day – April 20th, All Day

So we didn’t get our beer made BUT we’ll still have smoked ham sliders with a honey glaze and pineapple upside down cake by Cecil’s BBQ.

Last week Annice made warm peach cobbler for National Peach Cobbler day and holy crap was it good.

Pair these one-day-only menu items with ANY of the three new beers on tap and you’ll satisfied in no time.

Big Brew Day / National Homebrew Day – May 4th, All Day

As you walk up to the brewery on Saturday, May 4th, you’re going to see a bunch of people brewing up beer.


Because it’s National Homebrew Day and we, of course, have “Orlando Homebrew Supplies” located inside the brewery. 

If you are already a homebrewer, bring your portable setup and come brew with us outside!  
We will also be brewing a batch of beer inside on the 1BBL Colorado Brewing System which we use as a Pilot System.  It’s a great chance to come and see how others brew, and to check out some tools of the pros!

We will have brewers of all experience levels on hand ranging from new folks, all the way up to seasoned professionals.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how the beer is made here, there’s no better way to learn than to watch us and other homebrewers make a ton of beer that day.

Cinco De Mayo, May 5th (All Day)

We’re celebrating Cinco De Mayo by releasing our Jalapeno Cream Ale and pairing it with food from Cecil’s.

More details coming soon…

Until next week!