When two guys with stacks of cash are sitting at a table, you have to find out why.

Wow…The last week was a rollercoaster of emotions, wasn’t it? We went from “OMG IT’S COMING RIGHT AT US” to “That’s it?” all within a few days.

You’re probably not aware of the REAL reason you come to RockPit. Here’s why…

One of the most unique moments we ever had at RockPit was because of the most unusual flight we served.

Without failure, nothing great happens. Here’s how RockPit has failed our way to a better brewery.

Who would have guessed this about where we’re located? The evidence was staring at us the whole time.

Listen… Some beer up north might be better. But it’s not because of this.

These two beers should be enough to make you ask “Ok, RockPit. How are you doing this?”

We’ve had people cry at RockPit before. But it’s usually because they don’t realize how hot the bacon-wrapped jalapenos are. But not for this.

There’s nothing more American than this. Except maybe the beer we made for the Fourth of July.