Mmmm… Watermelon. Thinking about eating a cold, fresh slice takes you back childhood bar-b-q’s or a sweet snack on a hot day.

Maybe you had a seed spittin’ contest with friends like I did. Maybe you let the juice drip down your mouth onto your shirt turning your collar it a pink hue.

Maybe now you use it to make Watermelon Margarita’s or Martini’s.

Either way, watermelon is the perfect summer fruit…

… and that’s why we decided to capture those summer memories in our new Jolly Quencher Watermelon Gose.

Why’s it called “Jolly Quencher”? Because the first time we tasted this beer, it tasted like a sour watermelon jolly rancher. It still does, but we’ve added some salt (why it’s a Gose now) to REALLY bring out the watermelon flavor and introduce some nice complexity.

It’s a refreshingly original beer that is perfect for these hot summer days.

Available on our store in crowlers, growlers and four-packs.


Our signature gose recipe aged with St. Augustine Gin-soaked oak and freshly squeezed lime. Our take on the popular “Gimlet” cocktail. This one is tart and sour with a side of tart and sour!

Fun fact: This beer inspired another local brewery to start making sours after one of the partners tasted it and demanded they starting making them. Well… demand is a strong word. They “encouraged” the other partner. We won’t mention any names.

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Malts:Pilsner, Wheat, Oats, Acid Malt
Other:Lime Zest, Oak Chips, Proprietary blend of spices