For this special 15.5 gallon small-batch release, our signature Berliner base is rested on hand-cut, freshly pureed mango. An intriguing balance of sweet and sour greets your palate for just a moment, then yields to the crisp sour style in a smooth, clean beer. 


We take our signature berliner base and treat it with Yuzu. The yuzu’s flavor is tart and fragrant, closely resembling that of the grapefruit, with overtones of mandarin orange. 


Available 9/18 – Mug Club

Available 9/20 – Everyone.


If you ever find yourself in St. Augustine, you’ll find a gourmet popsicle shop called The Hyppo on the corner of Hypolita St and Charlotte St.

It’s where I was introduced to Paletas, which are Mexican Popsicles typically made with fresh fruit, milk / water and flavor-enhancing herbs and spices like datil or basil.

Saturday we’re introducing you to a new style of Berliner. The Paleta Sour.

When you take your first sip, you’re going to feel like we’ve melted down a Guava Paleta, carbonated it and poured it into the glass. 

It’s a bit more tart than a Paleta (it’s a Berliner, after all), but it’s super refreshing.


This Pineapple Cedar Berliner is easily one of the most popular versions of our signature sour beers. Aged with copious amounts of pineapple and (SHHHHH) cedar cigar boxes from Ash Taproom

Fun fact: The reason this beer is called “It’s Complicated” is in reference to the popular emoji used to communicate “It’s complicated” when someone asks about a relationship status.

Get it? “It’s complicated”? Like damn Todd… just commit to her already.

And to be totally transparent, we had a really hard time coming up with a name for a pineapple cedar berliner so “It’s Complicated” is it. 

This has SUPER LIMITED availability.

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Malts:2 Row, Wheat, Oats, Acid Malt
Other:Pineapple, Cedar Cigar Box, Proprietary blend of spices

What happens when we treat our signature berliner weisse with lactose then age it to perfection on a bed of mango puree and fresh vanilla?

An anomalous explosion of flavor flying from your glass.

Fun fact: This beer is a take on the Lassi drink that’s popular in Indian cuisine. Our brewer Danny had a Mango Lassi drink and thought “Hey, I can make a beer like this”. And he sure as hell did. 

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Malts:2-Row, Wheat, Oats, Acid Malt
Other:Lactose, Mango, Proprietary blend of spices

This Calamansi berliner weisse is bright, crisp and totally sour – Aged with Calamansi lemons to deliver a “sour orange” or “sweet lemon” flavor.

Again… This is super tart. Just to make that clear. 

Fun fact: Canatuan is a mine located in the Philippines near where Calamansi fruit is grown. Calamansi fruit is native to the Philippines and resembles a mix of lemon and lime. 

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Malts:Pilsner, Wheat, Oats, Acid Malt
Other:Filipino calamansi, Proprietary blend of spices