McCoy’s Irish Red Ale is like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, a true Irish treasure for beer lovers. This beer has a rich, reddish hue that is as inviting as a warm Irish welcome and a taste that is as smooth and satisfying as a traditional Irish jig.

Brewed with the finest ingredients, McCoy’s Irish Red Ale has a slightly sweet, biscuity flavor with hints of toasted nuts and caramel. The use of earthy and floral hops provides a subtle and balanced hop character that perfectly complements the beer’s malty backbone.

With its moderate carbonation and medium-bodied mouthfeel, McCoy’s Irish Red Ale is the perfect beer to enjoy on a lazy afternoon or a cozy evening. It’s like a warm embrace from an old friend, with a flavor that will transport you straight to the Emerald Isle.

So grab a pint of McCoy’s Irish Red Ale, raise a glass to the luck of the Irish, and enjoy the taste of true Irish hospitality.



“Red, name’s Red”

“Red… Why do they call you that?”

“Maybe it’s because I’m Irish”

If you, like me, have seen The Shawshank Redemption more than a dozen times, that scene just popped into your head, didn’t it?

When I asked Jeremy what the name of our Irish Red IPA we’re releasing this week was, he simply responded “Name’s Red”

I knew exactly what he was referring to. I just replied, “That’s awesome!”

A simple name for a complex, malty & hoppy beer. You’ll see me sipping on it this Saturday. One of my favorite beers we’ve brewed so far and I’m not partial to IPA’s.

6.4%, 71 IBU

And for those who haven’t seen Shawshank, here’s the scene:

Cheers, y’all!