A Chocolate Coffee Porter aged on Ghana Cocoa Nibs and Pecan Pie Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee.

Derived from old coal mining days, when the miners would take a growler (a type of metal bucket) and put there lunch in it, and put their coffee in the bottom in a separate compartment. This was supposed to keep the meal warm, but it didn’t work too well. On the way home from work, the miner would “rush the growler” over to the local watering hole and fill it up with cans or bottles of beer to bring home. Hence, rush the growler.

Diffusion Porter

Diffusion Porter is our smoked oatmeal porter. We took some of our grain and had Cecil’s BBQ smoke it for us. The result? A super roasty, chocolately and slightly smokey porter. 



Like Randy Watson loves his band Sexual Chocolate in the movie Coming to America, you’ll love this smooth, roasty and super chocolatey porter appropriately named SXL Chocolate.

Aged on cacao nibs for a few weeks, the chocolate is the star in both the aroma and flavor.

If you like porters, this one is for you. We think you’ll dig it.

6.2% ABV | 40 IBU


A chocolate mint peppermint porter that’s minty fresh with a solid chocolate finish. We missed this at Christmas, but what the heck – Florida only has 10 days of winter anyways!

Fun fact: We used real mint leaves in this beer. We only used 8 oz of dried mint leaves to flavor 5 barrels of beer. The scaled up recipe called for triple that. That would have been bad. Like chewing 10 altoids at once bad. 

Luckily the 8 oz was the PERFECT amount. 

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Malts:2-Row, Brown, Pale Chocolate, Chocolate Wheat, Crystal 40, Honey Malt
Other:Lactose, Peppermint Leaves