A refreshing summer beer that captures the essence of sun-drenched days.

This brew combines the rustic allure of rye grains with a traditional Saison yeast, resulting in a harmonious blend of subtle spice, fruity esters, and floral notes.

Its golden hue glistens in the sun, inviting you to savor its effervescent, satisfying flavors.


The poor Saison. Often looked over and forgotten. Not at RockPit.

This Saison is citrusy with light floral and lemon notes.

The yeast is the star of the show in this beer, providing a slightly fruity, clove, and herbal body that finishes clean and dry.

Easy-drinking and delicious.


Small-batch Saison brewed with orange peel, coriander, and some other spices and finished with a French Saison yeast that enhances spices and gives notes of citrus and pepper.