Spittin’ Seeds / Watermelon, Lime and Sugar Shine

A refreshingly vibrant elixir that captures the essence of summertime fun and the carefree spirit of backyard adventures. Picture yourself lounging in a hammock, with the sun’s golden rays gently kissing your skin, as you sip this tantalizing blend.

Spittin’ Seeds combines watermelon’s juicy sweetness, lime’s zesty tang, and the mischievous kick of cane sugar moonshine. With each sip, it’s as if you’ve entered a world where watermelon fights and seed-spitting contests reign supreme.

The luscious watermelon flavor bursts forth, invoking memories of picnics and sticky fingers on warm summer days. The tangy lime adds a playful twist, tickling your taste buds and leaving behind a bright, citrusy trail. But the cane sugar moonshine adds the element of surprise, like a hidden watermelon seed waiting to be discovered.