Shifty is a sour beer named in honor of two retired firefighters, David Harris and David Bauss, that has a fruity twist of strawberry and guava flavors. This beer has a refreshing tanginess that is complemented by the sweet and juicy notes of fresh strawberries, while the tropical guava adds a subtle tartness that perfectly balances the sourness.

The nickname shifty was given to both of them because of their reluctance to give a straight answer when asked any question by their coworkers. 🤣

The combination of strawberry and guava in this sour beer creates a delightful taste that is perfect for sipping on a hot summer day or sharing with friends at a barbecue. The balance of sweet and tart flavors makes it an excellent choice for those who enjoy a sour beer, and the addition of fruit flavors gives it a delicious twist that is sure to impress. Overall, Shifty is a beer that is as bold and adventurous as the firefighters it honors.