Shaft Shaker

A dynamic German Kölsch collaboration between RockPit Brewing and Birch Tree Brewing. 

Descend into the depths of flavor with every sip of Shaft Shaker. Like the rhythmic vibrations echoing through the mining shafts, this Kölsch boasts a higher ABV that will shake you to the core. Its golden hue sparkles like sunlight piercing through coal dust, hinting at the hidden treasures within.

Aromas of freshly cracked grains and earthy hops waft from the glass. As you take your first sip, a surge of crisp, clean maltiness electrifies your palate. Waves of bready sweetness dance alongside zesty citrus notes.

The carbonation dances across your tongue, creating a lively sensation that mimics the rhythmic jolting of a mining drill. The full-bodied nature of Shaft Shaker proudly showcases a robust character while retaining the smoothness and refreshing qualities of a classic Kölsch.

As the flavors settle, a subtle warmth emerges, leaving a lasting impression akin to the camaraderie felt deep underground. Shaft Shaker’s higher ABV adds a bold twist, ensuring an experience that lingers long after the last sip.

Pairs perfectly with smoked pulled pork, turkey, and chicken.