Red semi sweet sparkling wine, coming from the most renowned micro zones of the Oltrepo Pavese area and obtained from Barbera, Croatina, and Uva rara grapes. The nose reminds of crushed berries, dark plums and black cherry. It has a very alluring fruity smell to it. In the mouth, the wine is slightly fizzy and just a touch sweet. Ideal with all desserts and an excellent base for fruit Sangria.

Light violet in color. Well balanced with totes of plum, oak, and a hint of licorice.

Aromatics of vanilla, cherry, a touch of almond, then really rich plum and berry, slight pepper. Long finish.

Cherry and Strawberry on the nose of this Red wine from France. It is dry with soft tannins and light Vanilla spice. Flavors of Cherry, Strawberry, Baking Spice, Oak and Vanilla.

4 canned choices: PLAY: tart cherry, mango, yerba mate, sea salt, lion’s mane. RESTORE: grapefruit, goji berry, dandelion, milk thistle, reishi. THINK: guava, peach, holy basil, matcha, and lion’s mane. 

2 canned choices: Sunlit: Sour cider with hops and grapefruit OR The Friendly Stranger: Sour cider with apples, passionfruit, yerba mate and dandelion.

Fresh strawberry and slight wild-berry aromas lead into a fruit-driven, yet dry palate. The fruit quickly coats the mouth. The strawberry fruit is balanced by fine acidity from the apple and carries through an extended finish.

Recently, we took a trip to Idaho. While there, we visited some hop farms like the one that makes Idaho Gem hops (which was used to make this beer).

While there, we visited a few small-town saloons that left a memorable impression on us, including The Last Chance Saloon and the Tango Saloon (both located in Homedale, Idaho).

This beer was made in honor of our adventures and with hops from the area we visited. 

Juicy and full-flavored, this citrus-forward NEIPA was brewed with Idaho Gem, experimental HBC 1019, and huell melon hops. 

The poor Saison. Often looked over and forgotten. Not at RockPit.

This Saison is citrusy with light floral and lemon notes.

The yeast is the star of the show in this beer, providing a slightly fruity, clove, and herbal body that finishes clean and dry.

Easy-drinking and delicious.

What do Vienna sausages do after a sausage fest?

Attend the sausage afterparty and drink this beer.

Soft and malty with a balanced hop bitterness to avoid becoming too sweet. Finishes fairly dry with notes of toasted bread.

**Just to be clear, no Vienna sausages were used to make this beer. 😉