Name’s Red – Irish Red IPA


“Red, name’s Red”

“Red… Why do they call you that?”

“Maybe it’s because I’m Irish”

If you, like me, have seen The Shawshank Redemption more than a dozen times, that scene just popped into your head, didn’t it?

When I asked Jeremy what the name of our Irish Red IPA we’re releasing this week was, he simply responded “Name’s Red”

I knew exactly what he was referring to. I just replied, “That’s awesome!”

A simple name for a complex, malty & hoppy beer. You’ll see me sipping on it this Saturday. One of my favorite beers we’ve brewed so far and I’m not partial to IPA’s.

6.4%, 71 IBU

And for those who haven’t seen Shawshank, here’s the scene:

Cheers, y’all!