Blutoberry, the wheat ale that’s sure to make your taste buds howl! Named after our beloved brew dog Bluto, this beer is just as lovable as its furry namesake.

Brewed with Huell Melon hops, Blutoberry brings a bright and refreshing aroma, with notes of honeydew and strawberry that’ll have you drooling before the first sip.

But it’s the added blueberry and strawberry puree and vanilla beans that really steal the show, giving this beer a sweet, fruity flavor that’ll leave you feeling like you’re biting into freshly picked sweet blueberries with a delightfully dry finish that keeps you coming back for the next tasty sip.

And with each sip, you’ll feel like you’re getting a big ol’ slobbery kiss from Bluto himself! So whether you’re kicking back with friends or just enjoying some quality time with your pup, Blutoberry is the perfect beer for any occasion.So go ahead, crack open a can and let the good times roll – you and Bluto are sure to have a howlin’ good time!