For National Pancake Day, we whipped up a fresh batch of BlackStrap aged with Maple Syrup, vanilla beans, and Chef Bob’s Bourbon Barrel-Aged coffee.

The result is a sweet, delectable Stout perfect for watching some College Football with us today. Get it before it’s gone as this is a super limited batch.

Small batch hoppy Saison highlighting Crystal hops.

It was also hopped up using Hersbrucker, Saaz, and Citra hops. It’s an easy-drinking Belgian Saison with a nice hop bite that will quench your thirst at the end of this hot summer season and start to ease you into the fall season.

Or, rather the “not hot as hell” season.

The Haitian God Azacca spoke to us and asked us to brew a New England Worthy of his dominance of agriculture. Brewed with Azacca and Exp. 692 Hops, this New England IPA is unique with copious amounts of pineapple, tropical fruit, grapefruit flavors, with light notes of pine and resin to round out this new Savage beer.

Colorado cherries aged in our Rock Hard Water then added lime zest and juice for an explosion of fun.

Go back to the good ole days of ice-cold Kool-aid in the fridge. We decided to make a RockHard Fruit Punch Hardwater using, that’s right, FRUIT PUNCH KOOL-AID!

Co-Founder Chris Rock’s award-winning beer is back with a vengeance just in time for Mexican Independence Day. Corn-based cream ale aged on roasted jalapenos. Light Crisp and spicy.

Mexican Corn Lager was brewed with fresh Maize and aged on lime zest. The combination is a crisp, light, refreshing Mexican Lager that will quench your thirst during this wonderfully hot summer.

The mix of Citra and Bru-1 has brought another kick-ass NEIPA to our line of Savage NEIPAs.

You get light tropical fruit notes like pineapple and papaya that is smooth and refreshing.

Like our other Savage NEIPAs? You’re gonna love this one, too.

Why maskhole? Well… We’ve had a few “combative” people come into the brewery lately get pissed off when we ask them to wear a mask when ordering from the bar.

Yeah, we all freaking hate this (like I REALLY hate this) but it is what it is.

It’s unfortunate we’ve been left to enforce the mask rule or risk shuttering our doors.

So do us a favor. Don’t be a maskhole. Instead, enjoy this tasty, tasty beer. Without the mask, of course.

Available on our store in crowlers, growlers and four-packs.

Biere de Garde means “beer for keeping.” And if you enjoy Belgian beers, this is one you’ll certainly want to keep filling your glass with. 

Coming in at a hearty 7.2% ABV, you’ll get biscuity (is that a word?), toffee, and roasted malt characters on the tongue along with the classic Belgian yeast aroma on the nose.

For National Beach Day, we took our Sodo Blondin and treated it with pineapple puree and toasted coconut. This will take you right to the beach in your mind as you are sipping it at RockPit.