A smooth, sexy, fruity, chocolatey sour. Appropriately named “Velvet Whispers”, you’ll no doubt hear “Careless Whisper” in your head as you savor each and every drop until there’s nothing left.

Don’t be surprised if you work up a sweat while enjoying this one…

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I bet this is the first time you’ve heard of a Grodziskie. A Grodziskie is a polish beer made with oak-smoked wheat malt for a light, smokey beer.

This Grodziskie earned homebrewer Paul Greenwald the chance to brew his beer at RockPit for winning “Most Anomalous” beer at our homebrew contest.

That means it was the weirdest beer in a contest full of weird beers, which is pretty freaking awesome.

Bartender Jonathan wanted to make a sour IPA. But he wanted to make it different than the ones we’ve made in the past. 

So we changed the hops & yeast we used in the past and added hibiscus to it. You’ll enjoy a fruity and tart sour IPA with a lovely pink hue.

Say that five times fast. We took a perfectly good Double New England Milkshake IPA and Floridadified it by adding tangerine puree and Grade A Madagascar vanilla beans.

Think of it as a Tangerine Creamsicle New England Milkshake IPA.

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Anonymous Saints – Winter Warmer aged with Cognac soaked oak chips

Orlando Homebrew Supplies brew Club, Brewers Anonymous, brewed a small batch of a winter warmer.

This warmer is aged and brewed with mulling spices and orange peel, then aged on Cognac soaked oak chips for a malty, boozy, spicy, yet balanced brew.

A refreshing blend of pink guavas and tart Japanese Yuzu lend a perfect balance to this sweet and sour Berliner.

Milk stout aged on Hershey’s chocolate organic syrup, candy canes, peppermint leaves, and coffee.

Extra Pair Of Gloves is the perfect beer if you ever find yourself in the Rockies, short of a pair of gloves.

It’s malty, bold, full of winter spices and will warm you to your core.

Clocking in a malty and smooth 8% ABV, this is one of those beers that makes you say “Wait? This is 8%? No way”.

You’ll get loads of dark sweet fruit flavor in both the aroma and the flavor.

Imperial stout brewed with our friend Jamal (@thehopcircles) aged with vanilla beans. Coming in at 11.2% ABV, this imperial stout is roasty and chocolatey with a hint of vanilla on the backend.