A favorite of Sasquatch, this New England IPA brewed was brewed with Idaho 7 hops and Sabro Lupomax for a super tropical aroma and flavor.

A Pale Ale using Espe Kveik yeast from the village of Grodås in Norway.

A smooth and malty pale ale with hints of tropical fruit flavors and a slight amount of bitterness.

This is one of those “Kedur Specials”, brewed by our assistant brewer Kedur Perez.

Our Assistant Brewer Cody wanted to brew a beer in honor of his dog Bluto. For those of you that don’t know, he’s our unofficial mascot in the brewhouse.

So we brewed Bluto’s Berry which is a refreshing blueberry wheat ale that’s a traditional wheat ale aged with loads of blueberry puree.

This beer is really simple. We brewed our signature Berliner and dumped in 24 pounds of Trix cereal during the brewing process. 

Then we “dry-trixed” it with 17 more pounds of Trix. That means we added more to the fermenter.

Yep. We cleared out every grocery store around here to make this one. 

Brewed with the folks at Hops Brew Hope, for every pint sold, we will donate $2 to Hops Brew Hop and the Autism Society of Greater Orlando.

This includes every can sold, too.

On tap Saturday April 10th

*Only one keg of this*

We took our Gerschmack Yourself and aged it with freshly cut ginger along with cayenne pepper.

We made this two weeks ago and it was hot then. It’s become hotter since then.

The funny thing is you won’t notice it right away. It won’t burn your tongue. About 5 seconds after you swallow it, the slow burn forms in your throat and persists for a while. 

If you like beers with a little heat, this one is for you!

Stuck in traffic this morning? Trapped in a cubicle all day? 8 different bosses tell you to put the new coversheet on the TPS reports? Printer giving you a PC load letter error? (WTF IS THAT?)

Sounds like you have a case of the Mundays and need to show your “oh face.”

One sip of this chocolate orange Gose will put that oh on your face.

Just leave the red stapler on Milton’s desk or he’ll burn the place to the ground.

Oh Face is our signature Berliner aged with 100 freshly squeezed & zested Oranges and tons of cacao nibs for a refreshingly tart sour with a pleasurable hint of chocolate. 

Illiana is a Belgian Strong Golden Ale that is deceptively dangerous. At an undetectable 11% you’re going to get traditional golden strong flavors like candy, bubble gum, spicy and fruity.

Be careful with one. It’s so smooth you’ll need to enjoy responsibly.

Fun fact: Illiana is named after the street we’re located on.

Brewed and dry-hopped with experimental 586 hops to fill your palette with lots of citrus fruit flavors. It’s not as bitter as the usual West Coast IPA but has the light mouthfeel and crisp and dry finish you’re used to.

Brewed and dry-hopped with experimental 586 hops to fill your palette with lots of citrus fruit flavors.

Being an East Coast Hazy you’re going to enjoy soft bitterness, a creamy mouthfeel, and a smooth finish.