Introducing The Threshold of Helles, the beer that will transport you to a Bavarian beer garden with just one sip!

This light and refreshing Helles Lager is as crisp and clean as the alpine air, making it the perfect beer to enjoy on a sunny day or with friends.

Brewed using the finest German malts and hops, The Threshold of Helles has a delicate balance of malty sweetness and hop bitterness that is sure to please any beer lover. The use of traditional Bavarian yeast gives this beer a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, with a subtle fruitiness that adds to its overall complexity.

The beer’s golden color is as bright as the sun shining over the Bavarian Alps, and its moderate carbonation makes it easy to drink, with a refreshing finish that will leave you wanting more. With every sip, you’ll feel like you’ve reached the threshold of beer perfection.

So whether you’re relaxing in the sun, watching a game, or enjoying a meal with friends, The Threshold of Helles is the perfect beer to elevate your experience.



McCoy’s Irish Red Ale is like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, a true Irish treasure for beer lovers. This beer has a rich, reddish hue that is as inviting as a warm Irish welcome and a taste that is as smooth and satisfying as a traditional Irish jig.

Brewed with the finest ingredients, McCoy’s Irish Red Ale has a slightly sweet, biscuity flavor with hints of toasted nuts and caramel. The use of earthy and floral hops provides a subtle and balanced hop character that perfectly complements the beer’s malty backbone.

With its moderate carbonation and medium-bodied mouthfeel, McCoy’s Irish Red Ale is the perfect beer to enjoy on a lazy afternoon or a cozy evening. It’s like a warm embrace from an old friend, with a flavor that will transport you straight to the Emerald Isle.

So grab a pint of McCoy’s Irish Red Ale, raise a glass to the luck of the Irish, and enjoy the taste of true Irish hospitality.



We took our base sour and added heaps of strawberry purée with Ecuadorian and Ghanaian cocoa nibs providing notes of dark chocolate and a hint of milk chocolate. Maltodextrin is added to round out the creamy mouthfeel for this chocolate covered strawberry sour. 🍓

Like our raspberry chocolate sour, velvet whispers, this new one is slightly sweet tart and oh so chocolatey.

We love playing with new hops. For this beer, we used three experimental hops, plus the always tasty Citra and Huell melon hops.
Loads of citrus and stone fruit aromas with a tangy, zesty, and medium hop flavor with a touch of pine to finish.

A strong malt backbone paves the way for over 30 pounds of hops in this deceptively strong and delicious double ipa.

This beer is brewed and dry-hopped with centennial, kohatu, wai-ti, citra, Nelson Sauvin, bru-1, and mandarina bavaria hops.

Notes of slight malt sweetness, citrus, resin, and pine.


We’ve combined the bold and juicy flavors of HBC 472 and HBC 630 hops to create a hazy IPA that’s packed with tropical and citrus notes.

Take a sip and let the aromas of pineapple, mango, and grapefruit transport you to a tropical paradise.

The smooth and creamy mouthfeel of the beer is balanced by a slight bitterness that keeps you coming back for more.

This brew is perfect for those who love a little adventure in their beer, and is sure to satisfy any hop lover. So come along for the ride and take a sip of the Priced Out Of Paradise New England IPA – you won’t regret it! 🍻🌴


Geschmack Yourself – Berliner Weisse with your choice of syrup

Meaning “flavor yourself,” this is our signature Berliner Weisse with your choice of an ever-changing lineup of syrups including raspberry, peach, pumpkin spices and more

The traditional way of enjoying a Berliner Weisse in Germany is with a Raspberry or Woodruff syrup, so we figured we’d bring the fun to RockPit. Cheers to our good friend Joe Wright for coming up with the name.

Please note that the syrups will change frequently as we experiment (i.e. drink lots of it) to figure out some flavor combinations you’ll love.