Geschmack Yourself – Berliner Weisse with your choice of syrup

Meaning “flavor yourself,” this is our signature Berliner Weisse with your choice of an ever-changing lineup of syrups including raspberry, cherry, or cinnamon. Watermelon, cucumber, pineapple, coconut, and green apple are coming tomorrow. You can do one or a mix of any, like watermelon and cucumber!

The traditional way of enjoying a Berliner Weisse in Germany is with a Raspberry or Woodruff syrup, so we figured we’d bring the fun to RockPit. Cheers to our good friend Joe Wright for coming up with the name.

Please note that the syrups will change frequently as we experiment (i.e. drink lots of it) to figure out some flavor combinations you’ll love.


German Lager brewed to Bock strength. This 7% lager is brewed to tradition using German Malts to create a malty, crisp German Lager with a lot of backbone.


This Belgian style ale is refreshing and so easy-drinking, even a caveman can dig it. This is the PERFECT poolside / backyard / mow your lawn beer. With a low abv, you can enjoy a few of these and not have it wreck your afternoon.


A collaboration with RockPit Brewing and @somethingsbrewingfl.

This sweet stout has rich flavors of chocolate, cherry, and coconut with a creamy, medium to full body. Tart cherry and rich chocolate make this beer a desert in a glass.