Small batch ESB brewed to tradition using East Kent Goldings, English Barley, and English caramel malt’s.

This ESB is smooth, light bitter with a light caramel malt backbone.


A Chocolate Coffee Porter aged on Ghana Cocoa Nibs and Pecan Pie Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee.

Derived from old coal mining days, when the miners would take a growler (a type of metal bucket) and put there lunch in it, and put their coffee in the bottom in a separate compartment. This was supposed to keep the meal warm, but it didn’t work too well. On the way home from work, the miner would “rush the growler” over to the local watering hole and fill it up with cans or bottles of beer to bring home. Hence, rush the growler.


Our signature gose recipe aged with St. Augustine Gin-soaked oak and freshly squeezed lime. Our take on the popular “Gimlet” cocktail. This one is tart and sour with a side of tart and sour!

Fun fact: This beer inspired another local brewery to start making sours after one of the partners tasted it and demanded they starting making them. Well… demand is a strong word. They “encouraged” the other partner. We won’t mention any names.

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Malts:Pilsner, Wheat, Oats, Acid Malt
Other:Lime Zest, Oak Chips, Proprietary blend of spices

Rockpit has another hard water coming at you. This time we aged it with pomegranate puree and fresh lime zest with lots of lime juice, making it refreshing and balanced.



A collaboration beer with Twelve Talons, the same brewery we worked with to create our Cinder & Smoke Russian imperial. This beer smells and tastes like a chocolate orange. It gets better as you let it warm up a bit.

At a smooth and undetectable 10.5% ABV, it can get a bit dangerous. But I bet you’re willing to live on the edge, aren’t you?

Available on tap and in bottles (bottles are sold out)