Our interpretation of a light lager. One that actually has color and doesn’t taste like beer flavored water.

Light bodied and crisp, this is sure to please those enthusiastic Coors, Bud and Miller drinkers and introduce them to what beer is supposed to taste like. 

Even the most ardent craft beer lovers will appreciate this light lager as it’s the style of beer brewed long before the bland, boring beers took over the world. 


Medium-light in body with crisp, clean upfront bitterness. You’ll want to take time to savor the strong tropical and citrus notes that are prevalent in this all-american IPA.

Fun fact: A “Cackler” is what they called a miner who let others do the heavy work.

Sort of like Derek Zoolander (Click for video).

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Hops:Magnum, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook

This coffee milk stout is smooth and silky with roasted coffee tones and a creamy finish. So easy drinking, yet totally anomalous.

Fun fact: Black strap is what miners called coffee. It’s also what they called the oil that went into their oil lamps in the early 1900’s. Which makes us think a lot of miners drank really bad coffee.

Oh and “con leche” is spanish for “with milk”. This beer has nothing to do with Spanish culture but we couldn’t think of anything better to use. “With Milk” doesn’t look or sound cool at all. “Con Leche” looks and sound really cool. 

Go on… Say it… “con leche”.

Now say it with a Spanish accent. You feel cool, right?

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Our RPB house blonde that’s easy drinking with a light, crisp finish.

Fun fact: Blondin’s are aerial ropeways used in open pits in slate quarries to transport wagon loads of rock between locations.

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Malts:2-row, White Wheat, Golden Naked Oats, Honey Malt
Hops:Magnum, Cascade