Our signature Gose aged with watermelon puree for a refreshingly fruity, yet tart beer. An absolutely perfect summer beer.

This is our most popular beer. It used to have a different name. We were sent a “cease and desist” buy a goliath candy that said it sounded too much like a popular hard candy. So we changed it to “Seeds and Desist” for obvious reasons. 


Our signature German Berliner aged with tart cherry puree. Please be careful consuming in the ocean. This beer will attract hop-head sharks.


Brewed and dry-hopped with experimental 586 hops to fill your palette with lots of citrus fruit flavors.

Being an East Coast Hazy you’re going to enjoy soft bitterness, a creamy mouthfeel, and a smooth finish.


Starting with an exceptional wheat beer we added just the right amount of grapefruit and orange, topped it off with the zest of lemon and lime.

The result? An extremely enjoyable wheat beer with a citrus tang.