Kind of like this…

Nah. Just kidding…

More like this…

You see… We here at RockPit are always trying to figure out what you’re looking for—beer styles, cocktails, events, music, etc.

That’s why we ask you in roundabout ways sometimes. 

For example, we recently asked on social media for you to tell us what beer styles you would marry, kiss and kill. 🤣

What we’re asking is what beer style…

— Could you drink for the rest of your life if stuck on an island (Marry
— Do you gravitate towards when visiting a brewery (Kiss)
— Do you want to see die a fast death (Kill)

Here’s what I posted to Instagram and Facebook

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I’ve included my answers below, but let me explain why I asked this.

The beer market changes quickly. I mean… QUICKLY.

This industry is always looking for the “new thing.”

Which is good and bad.

Good because it allows us always to try new things, and you get to try them.

Bad in that it doesn’t allow a new beer style to be fully developed, AND we as an industry often forget about the kick-ass beer styles that started this craft beer revolution (pale ales, IPAs, lagers, etc).

The question wasn’t just trying to get a reaction (it was) but also finding out what YOU WANT so we can make better decisions for future beers we create.

We know what we like, but that’s different from what you want.

For instance, here are my picks…

I know wild sours are like a protected species in this industry but man… They’re so bad, IMO.

Not all of them, but most of them smell and taste like vinegar—something I enjoy on salads. Not so much that I want to down a bottle of red wine vinegar. 😂

So that’s my question to you this week. You can answer on Instagram and Facebook or hit reply and let me know. 

We appreciate and use the feedback to help us create products you love.

Cheers, and see you at RockPit!

Chris Rock
Co-Founder / The Finest of Sirs / Dad Joke Aficionado