10 Reasons Not To Vote For RockPit Brewing For Orlando Weekly’s Best Of 2019

The Orlando Weekly’s annual “Best Of” 2019 voting is open.

Instead of being needy and screaming “Vote for meeeeeeee!”, I’m going to give you 10 reasons not to vote for us.

That way, when you do vote for someone else, you can say “Chris, the reason I voted for xyz is because I DO prefer cold and lifeless atmospheres at a brewery” and I’ll understand.

So, without much further ado (I’ve always wanted to say that), here are 10 reasons to not vote for RockPit.

Don’t vote for us if…

10) …you’d prefer to not to get to know the owners of RockPit. Unfortunately, we’re always here getting to know our customers.

9) …you prefer to not get called out by the owners when you accomplish something great and we find out about it like we did for Miguel ( Click here to see ). Sorry to say that we know our customers and love to celebrate with them.

8) …you prefer to keep drinking the same beer over and over again. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we keep releasing at least one new beer per week.

7) … you prefer cold and lifeless atmospheres. Sadly, we hand-built this place to be warm, inviting and full of energy.

6) … you’d rather not see giddy homebrewers walk through the taproom with bags of grain and hops. The bad news is with Orlando Homebrew Supplies on site, you’ll see plenty of homebrewers skipping through the taproom on their way home to brew their own beer.

5) …you prefer to sit at tables you can buy Wayfair / Amazon. Hate to break it to you but we hand-crafted each table to make them ultra-unique. Also, you can’t buy them anywhere.

4) … you prefer establishments that aren’t kid and dog friendly. Yeah… about that… we’re unapologetic about being kid and dog friendly.

3) … you prefer to hang with a bunch of rando’s instead of friends. The sad truth is if you come to RockPit more than once, you’ll see lots of familiar faces.

2) … you prefer not to get a whiff of Cecil’s BBQ permeating through the air. Regrettably the side effect of this is massive hunger pains resulting in you becoming hangry.

1) … no one who never met you thought you were an a-hole. Confused? So were we… That’s why we wrote about it here: https://rockpitbrewing.com/did-you-know-youre-an-ahole/

So, there you go. 10 reasons NOT to vote for us.

But if you found yourself disagreeing with most of the reasons, click below and give us a vote.

We’d be much obliged.

Click here to write in “RockPit Brewing” as your “Best Local Brewery” entry. 


Ed  Jeremy, Sean and Chris

The Rockpit Dudes... Ed Clark, Jeremy Pittman, Sean Burke and Chris Rock