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Building a Rockpit (Brewery)

How we transformed an ugly cool room into the most unique in Orlando

Instead of doing the typical "covering" of a cool room, we went to the mountains for inspiration

The brew system is here, the cool rooms are up and there's no stopping this train

We did a happy dance this week when our brew system arrived. We have everything we need now to brew beer.

Updates galore and pics of progress

Lots of updates and you'll see the reason Jeremy is on his knees.

New stairs and holes being filled

New stairs and holes being filled with concrete. Pretty exciting day, eh?

Just some dudes laying pipe

Watching master plumbers at work is awe-inspiring. They sure can lay some pipe.

Tank Delivery Day

Today was a special day for us at Rockpit Brewing. All four of us (Chris, Jeremy, Ed and Sean) worked with our friends at Tactical Brewing to help us unload our shiny new fermentation tanks from the delivery truck.

Concrete is hard to cut

Water is wet and concrete is heavy. Who would have guessed? Well, apparently not the owners of Rockpit brewing.

Chris' daughter teaches him (and the other owners) how to paint

Today we learned that maybe 11 year olds hold the secret to painting a brewery.

New walls? Lt. Dan... You got new walls!!

Lt. Dan got new legs and we got new walls. It's sort of the same thing.

Cleaning up the place!

We had no clue what we were thinking. But we jumped right in and started cleaning up the place. Here are the pictures to prove it.