Coming Soon To Orlando

Small Batch Craft Brewery + Taproom + Homebrew Shop!

Located at 10 W. Illiana St, Orlando, FL 32806 (behind‘s Cecil’s BBQ)

Don’t worry… We’re not just “another brewery”. That would be boring!

We’re going to be a small batch brewery with rare, one-off beers, eclectic beers and regular everyday beers for the casual beer lover too.

Rockpit will be place where you have beer that you brag to your friends about. It will be the place you bring your friends and family to when they come in from out of town… and they’ll brag about it to their friends at home.

Do You Like Free Beer?

I know…dumb question, right?

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Because until we can “legally” sell all the beer we make, we have to give our crazy good beer away to beer lovers, like you…

By entering your name and email address below, you’ll be the first to know when we have free beer to give away. We’ll also shoot you a message when we have some giveaways (t-shirts, growlers, fruitcakes, more beer..) and you’ll get a nice little gift from us when we open our doors.

So go on… Make the choice for free beer now!